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Silver Wedding: celebration of 25 years of love and happiness
25th Anniversary of Florence and Denis Corpet Marriage

Happy to be two (Florence Tabary & Denis Corpet). More happy to become three (Hi Agnès-cat!), then 4 (Hello Pascalou!), then 5 (Meige, want a kiss?), then 6 (Cécilette !), then 7 (Hurra for Cyrillou!), then 8 (born in Toronto, Gui-the-star!), then 9 (François R0B1N, Welcome), then 10 (Bienvenue Cute Armelle)
To celebrate so much hapiness, we all gathered in Marseilles, at A & F R0B1N's place. then we went out to share our smiles with the warm Calanques' sun. Few retrospective views below (starting May 31rst, 1980) mixed together with photos taken during the Marseilles WE (May 21 and -22, 2005). If you click on it, you turn back to the "original" picture on Marmot's website (webmistress= Agnes).

Mariage Denis Florence Corpet 1980 Calanques Goudes Lames Denis Florence Meige Corpet 1984 Calanques 6 enfants Corpet 2005 Denis Florence Cecile Corpet 1985 Calanques Florence Denis corpet Denis Florence Corpet sapés 2003 Florence Denis Corpet 2005 Calanques 8 enfants Corpet 2005 Agnes Cecile Guillemette Meige Cyrille Pascal Corpet 2005 Denis Florence Corpet 1996 Calanques Florence Denis corpet Pascal Guitare Denis Banjo Corpet
Tell me, "Cariboux", how is life nine month after wedding day?
Clearly, you still are serching for lice in hair, before thowing yourself in deep water!
Armelle Pascal  Corpet 2005 Armelle Pascal  Corpet 2005
All photos of Denis & Florence, Silver Wedding on Agnes' website

Pic-Nic Calanques 10 Corpet 2005 Pascal Guillemette Corpet Life is wonderful! - - - - - See you!