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Photo shows Guillemette, Melge, Pascal & Armelle, Denis & Florence, Cyrille, Cécile, and François & Agnès (kneeling). August 2010 at Cyrille's wedding. (See Corpet-2010) Last family hike: August 2010 Neouvielle peak - Bold links to English pages.

Corpet 2010

Corpet in BRIEF: Corpet family lived in Toulouse, a nice pink city, France SW. Like any other family, our family is not perfect, with failures and weaknesses. But we display mostly smily sunny photos here. We share more personnal news on a restricted access Blog (in French).

Agnès lives in Chicago. She left Toulouse to study mathematics (ENS Cachan, Paris). She taught maths in Marseille, then moved to San Juan island, WA, then Chicago IL, and recently in Vanves near Paris with her husband, François R0BlN (he works in a UoC research team). Three kids: Jeremie (June 05), Myriam (Nov 06), and Eileen (born March 2009, in Friday Harbor, WA, USA).
Pascal Corpet lives in Lyon. He left Toulouse to study maths, physics and DP at the Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau). After his wedding, Armelle and him moved to Palo Alto, CA, then returned to Paris. Armelle after ENS Ulm bio did a PhD in cancer cell biology at Curie Institute, and Pascal did computer sciences: he works with Google Zurich. They live in Lyon with their five kids: Marion (June 2007), Valentine (09/09/09), Thomas (19/04/2011), Benoit (21/05/2014) and Côme (12/02/2016).
Meije and Guillaume BS live in Asnières (near Paris). She studied food science in AgroParisTech (INA-PG), internships with David Jenkins (UoT), the Ontario Science Center, & Hervé This. After a 2-y first job (consultant with Unilog-LogicaCGM at Air Liquide), she taught biotechnology to future Chefs and innkeepers in Paris suburb, then near Lyon
Cécile Corpet and Damien Boutonnet live in Toulouse with Lucie and Elise. Cécile works as a registered nurse with kids in Toulouse psychiatric hospital.
Cyrille Cor pet lives in Montreal, Canada. He married Nathalie Délos August 21, 2010 in Balma (31). After advanced mathematics studies in Paris (Ecole Normale Supérieure Ulm) he starts a maths PhD at McGill U. Nathalie does a french litterature master at U de M. Cyrille was the 2004 winner of the French Chemistry Olympiads award.
Guillemette Corpet lives in Nantes, France. She studies in "Audencia", Nantes' school of management, after 9-month in Curitiba, Brazil (2009-10).
Florence Corpet retired from INRA lab of cell genetics few years ago: sad for Science! She shares her time between Mirail residents (ununployed or without official residency card), and old timers in St John clinic.
Denis Corpet retired 1/1/2015, after teaching foodborne diseases and food hygiene to vets at ENVT, and making scientific research to prevent colon CANCER by an improved diet.
Denis' retired from his jobs, January first, 2015. He now leads CLC around Toulouse (CVX in French)

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