Totem pole penguin Denis Corpet Friday Harbor

Landart: Friday Harbor Labs
Strange Totem Poles on the Beach

Totem pole Eye Corpet Friday Harbor 2009 Easter: Eileen R0B1N is a week old, and her grand-parents come to visit her in FHL, from Toulouse, France. Denis Corpet is on the small beach of Friday Harbor Laboratories, Washington, USA, with Jeremie (4) and Myriam (2.5). Dead mini-crabs are not exciting enough for him, and he decides to bewitch the beach with strange animal totem poles, by standing up floated tree logs.

To enlarge the photo, click the small picture of Perched Eye, Archeopterix, Smiling Surricate, Dancing Coyote, Diving Wombat, Madrone Tree, Totem Pole and Dragon Hut (D.H. was not made by D.C.). Sorry, but Camel, Hole, Raven, Gandalf stick, Dragon-B-Z, Flower basket, Giraffe and Fish cannot be enlarged.
I've build some ten other landart scupltures along the shore of San Juan Island (e.g., the egg-tree, the fur seal, ...), most of them on wild parts. To reach them one should follow the large path that crosses the Preserved Forest, North of FHL, and turn right on a smaller path on top of first slope, when the biome changes clearly. This small path is gorgeous, and reaches the shore after many curves on thick moss, between huge Douglas firs and wonderful madrone trees. You may meet a Hobbit on it (I did not). I met a friendly sea otter on the far away beach: she was playing with algae, fishing crabs and eating them with crunchy noises.

Totem wooden man   Friday Harbor Totem Smiling surricate Friday Harbor Totem dancing-Coyote single-leg Corpet Friday Harbor Totem pole Wombat diving Corpet Friday Harbor Madrone tree Denis Corpet Friday Harbor Totem pole Friday Harbor Totem Dragon Hut  Friday Harbor Totem pole Camel head Denis Corpet Friday Harbor Totem Hole Denis Corpet Friday Harbor Totem raven Corpet Friday Harbor Totem Gandalf stick Denis Corpet Friday Harbor Totem dragon Corpet Friday Harbor Totem flower basket Corpet Friday Harbor Totem Giraffe Corpet Friday Harbor Totem Fish Friday Harbor Totem Archeopterix Friday Harbor
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