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To research diet & foods which prevents cancer with Fabrice & Sylviane, to teach to the young ones in Vet school, to climb beautiful mountains with Noel, and, of course, to try to love better my close relations: this was my life before I decided to retire (01/01/2015). I am now discovering the hapiness of doing things correctly, without haste but with love. Grandes Jorasses from Green aiguille Verte Denis Corpet

- This page on my job, where I often start by
praying !
- Another with "my Mountains"
- Selected texts: But what makes God?, and in French: Hapiness, Machines,
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This summer (July 2018) I reached an old dream: I climbed the Walker spur, North face of Grandes Jorasses, by Cassin route !

Famille Corpet sous la brèche de Roland
Teacher & Researcher

- I work part-time (see below)
- Luky strike, I discovered an incredible anticancer agent PEG !
- I'm looking for the diet which will prevent colorectal cancer
- Before 1990, I studied antibiotic resistant bacteria
- I am really involved in my students' formation
- I really want my old Vet School to progress Denis Corpet I work part-time (80%) since 1983, because I am convinced that a solution to unemployment is to share work and incomes (but I am not an economist, and the issue is really complex, so I could be wrong). Two people our of three are working to death, the third one dies not to work: is-not it stupid? I thus work "the four-day week" (in French), but, with my enthralling jobs, it is not possible to stick to "only" 32 hours of work a week!
Informal-CV : I teach human nutrition and food hygiene at the French National Veterinary School in Toulouse.
I do my research with INRA (Institut National de la Rechercher Agronomique), in ToxAlim (Research Center in Food Toxicology) in Toulouse France, looking for the links between nutrition and cancer.
I have been working previouly with the laboratories of Microbial Ecology (Jouy in Josas), and of Xenobiotics (Toulouse).
I got my Biology and Mathematics training and Ingeneer diploma with Agro-Paris-Tech (previously INA-PG, a French Grande Ecole), Microbiology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, and Nutrition with U.of Paris-6 (Master), U.of Paris-Sud (PhD thesis), and INP-Toulouse (HDR).
I spent a year with the University of Toronto, Canada, to train in Oncology and to work with animal models of cancer.

Formal Curriculum vitae: CV.pdf (in English).

- My scientific articles: A slow link to my publications and their citations on [Researcher ID]. Listing, 65 abstracts and 26 free full texts on PubMed (National Library of Medicine, USA), and full text of 38 in HAL archivs and 32 in Open Archive OATAO.
- Chemoprevention database sur INRA NACRe, discussed on

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