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Please Translate in English


You want too read one of those gorgeous Corpet's pages.
You merely NEED this healthy recipe, or eagerly want to climb THE summit route, or to follow a hygiene course, or some corpet-thing else.
But you cannot read French! Too sad! Be happy, there are many solutions to your BIG problem.
1- Go back to school and learn French. and come again when your can read French.
2- Double-check that the English page does not exists already on Corpet's website (fetch the UK flag).
3- If not, feel free to kindly request Denis to translate the page. Our E-mail adress is at the bottom of Corpet family Home page
4- But Denis is often too busy to do this quickly. So it might be wise to ask Google an automatic translation. Not perfect, but better than nothing!
Au revoir, et à bientôt!