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Hummus Recipe

A chick-pea cream with garlic, Hummus, Oumos, or Humus
A delicious and healthy mediteranean recipe, easy, cheap and fast to make (10 min).
Hummus is a cream of chick peas with garlic, lemon and olive oil, from Lebanon.

- Take a can of chickpeas (standard, 850ml 530 g), also called garbanzo beans. Wash the peas (4 holes on one side, open the other, put in a sink and rinse under a water flush)
- Put the peas in a blender (food-processor, e.g., Magimix).
- Add 100 ml of lemon juice (one glass or half a cup, unsweetened, e.g., Pulco, or two lemons)
- Let it turn for a while. When it becomes “creamy”
- Add 100 ml of olive oil (one glass or half a cup. Better to replace ¼ of the glass with canola (rapeseed) oil, for fatty acids balance)
- Some people prefer less lemon (50ml). Let the mixer turning until the cream is “perfect”. While it turns:
- prepare four big garlic cloves (two cloves are enough for most people),
- Stop the blender, crunch the garlic with a garlic-cruncher on top of humus, wait 2-3 min for garlic to “mature”, and mix again the humus (why should you wait? Why should garlic "mature"? see the explanation in the Gaspacho recipe).
- Serve it cold, with mint leaves as ornament (optional). Spread it on bread (or take a spoon!)

For those who “hate” garlic (yes, they exist), make humus without garlic, but provide cumin powder with it.
For those who like “hot” stuffs, use an olive oil where red chilli pepper have been “swimming” for a while.
Tahini Some people E-mailed me: "Hummus should contain tahini!" = sesame cream. Well, not easy to find in a supermarket, but Meige brought me a "Tahina" box (Alkanater, Lebanon). I thus tried to make hummus with one, two or four large spoons of tahini. But I did not find it better than without tahini: it makes hummus heavy and sticky, hard to clean and not so tasty. My advice is thus not to use it, but if you like it, use it ...

Nutrition facts - Humus contains: :
- Very “slow” carbohydrates (the starch in it has a very low glycemic index). Thus, humus reduces hunger for a long time, it does not induce hypoglycaemic fainting or dizziness. On the long term, humus does not favour insulin resistance, nor diabetes mellitus (NIDDM type), nor obesity.
- A lot of plant proteins (thus humus may replace meat or fish or eggs, once). Garbanzo bean also contains cancer preventing protease inhibitors (BBI). More on cancer prevention
- a lot of fibers, thus it fight constipation. Chickpea fibers have cholesterol-lowering properties. The blending of peas much reduces the flatulence effect.
- Vitamins: load of folic acid (B9 vitamin in the chick peas), that prevents spina bifida (Eat it before baby conception, which increases the pleasure of this recipe, if you do it with Love). See full dietary advices for pregnant women. Folic acid may also prevent cardio-vascular diseases, since it reduces blood homocystein. B9 may also be a good anti-cancer vitamin (colorectal cancer, uterus cancer). The lemon in humus brings C vitamin: could be useful!

- The fat in humus are interesting, and likely to improve heart health: canola oil contains alpha-linolenic acid (n-3 or omega-3 fatty acid), and many diets are short in it. Olive oil is considered beneficial, for its oleic acid content (mono-insaturated), and its antioxidant polyphenols.
- Garlic also is good for you, see the Gaspacho recipe)

Humus makes the ideal picnic, when associated with wheat (on bread or with taboule) because their amino acids are complementary : they match so well that the protein value is as good as meat or eggs. Add some tomatoes and fruits for pleasure.

Hygiene facts (germs):
Be careful, keep humus cold (in a fridge) or eat it fast (don't keep it more than few hours out of the fridge). Most humus components or ingredients are sterile to start with, and lemon juice lowers the pH, which is fine. But you will add germs when you make it, so please work properly with clean hands, clean blender, clean garlic-cruncher. Then cool humus fast (e.g., put it half an hour in the freezer before moving it in the fridge). If you bring your humus on a mountain summit by a sunny day, you'd better eat the whole of it at noon, on “the top” of the mountain. I would not help you to finish to eat your Humus when back in the hot valley, by tea-time!
Bon appétit !

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