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Fennel Salmon

Recipe: Salmon on its Fennel bed

Tasty and good-looking. Very healthy.
Not (too) expensive nor too long to make (20-30 min).
A recipe invented by Denis (Nutrition Prof.) year 2005 : I make it almost weekly, because it's so good!

Basis = tasty vegetables: fennel and onion + salmon (of course!)
Colors = yellow turmeric and black "prunes" (from Agen, France)
Taste = all components are flavored and tasty, and they mix well together (do not miss the smell at 5-10 min cooking time)
Health = all components have health promoting features
Just read what Sue Palfreyman, who found my recipe on the web by chance (and luck) told me after she tried it:
"We ate your salmon recipe with fennel and onion cooked with turmeric for lunch today - it was delicious!" (Thanks Sue for correcting my English)

- One large fennel per guest: slice it and put in a glass dish (large bowl fine for microwave oven)
- One large onion for two guests: peal, slice and keep on a separate plate

= To improve presentation and taste (optional, but too good to do without)
- Few prunes per guest (or red bell pepper, sliced but we usually prefer prunes. Using both is flashy and tasty)
- One large spoon of curcuma or turmeric powder (strong yellow, delicate smell, very healthy)
- One small spoon of black peppercorn (better: "5 peppercorns mix" with exquisite pink ones). Most people would crush before cooking, I prefer teeth-crushing during meal!

= Baste vegetables before cooking
- 100 ml lemon juice (one glass or half a cup, Pulco-style packaged juice, or 2 crushed fresh lemons)
- 50 ml olive oil (half a glass)

Recette Oignon Curcuma Fenouil Recipe Onion Curcuma Fennel
= The ideal cooking time = at least 30 minutes. Even sweeter if you get more time:
- Start by cooking sliced fennel in lemon juice with peppercorn for 10 min in the microwave (max power).
- Then mix, and add olive oil on top, curcuma powder on oil, and onion slices: cook again for 10 min.
- Mix again, and slip deep-frozen salmon pieces below the vegetables, and cook again 8 to 10 min. Gorgeous, I'm sure you'll agree with me!

= If in a hurry, quick cooking 15 minutes: It'll be "al dente".
- Mix all components except salmon, and cook for 10 min
= Mix again and add salmon before cooking again
- Salmon on top, if it's a fatty farmed fish (baste with juice)
- Salmon into the juice, below the vegs, if its a low-fat wild salmon
- Cook again 5 to 10 min, according to your taste (well done salmon may be too "dry").

Nutrition facts: super-healthy recipe!
Loads of taste, volume, and nutrients, but low-cal.
Nutrients: omega 3 fat (n-3 PUFA), vitamin D &t E, and lots of protective phytochemicals. More detailes:

- Salmon gets DHA & EPA, the magic-fat (long chain n-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids): benefits against heart attack, cancer, and brain aging. If you're pregnant, it improves your baby's brain and IQ (hard to believe? see Pregnancy diet). Lot of vitamin D in salmon (seldom found in food).
People often tell me: "But it's farmed fish!"
OK, Farmed fish, so what? First it still contains good nutrients (even if it is too fatty, I agree). Then it contains more "pollutants" than wild salmon, but levels are very low, and we have no proof at all they can be toxic. OK, it would not be smart to eat salmon for every meals. But is has been proven that people eating often salmon and other fatty fishes are much more healthy than those who do not. No hesitation for me.
- Fenels: lot of vitamin E, not bad in vitamin B (folate), plus fibres and potassium.
- Onion: several sulfur phytochemicals, with anti-cancer properties, plus inuline (not insuline!) which favors calcium absorption, ...
- Cucurma or turmeric: this yellow powder seems magic, and appears to be a major anti-cancer agent. Also anti-inflammatory: better than aspirin, without side-effects. Problem is: curcumin is not absorbed... but, in human volunteers, black pepper (piperin) increases curcumin absorption by 2000% !
- Prunes: very high in fibers => they help bowel movements
- Pink peppercorn: strong antioxidant. Black peppercorn: already cited for curucuma absorption, and ... save on Viagra (I'm not really sure!) .

Hygiene, bacteria, intoxication:
Absolutely no risk if you eat it as soon, still boiling (careful not to burn your tongue)
Like any other cooked dish: put in the fridge if you do not eat it all, and cook again before eating it next day.
At home it never happens: we always finish it, and clean the dish with a piece of bread.

Bon appétit !
Fennel Fenouil
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